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Health Program

Due to current widespread interest in fitness and health, Reflection Ridge Chiropractic has developed a health and wellness out-reach program available to local businesses at no charge.

To help your employees maintain better health, we have several wellness program options.  You decide which wellness program works best for your company and your employees.


Wellness Program Options


  •   ­­­­Employee Stress Relief Day:   During their breaks, let us pamper your staff with healthy treats, stress-relieving massages by certified therapists, and electronic spinal scans to measureunhealthy muscle tension around the spine (see image below).  Not only do employees really enjoy this, but it’s a fun way to get your staff thinking about their own health–an important consideration for any company dependentupon healthy, productive employees.

“Reflection Ridge Chiropractic provided a morning of free screenings and massages for Starkey employees as part of our focus on wellness.  Because of this event, some individuals learned ways to combat the headaches, numbness and shoulder problems that had been plaguing them. We greatly appreciate the partnership of the Reflection Ridge Chiropractic professionals in helping our employees get healthy in their everyday lives!”

Debbie, Benefits Coordinator 
Starkey, Inc.
  •  Lunch & Learn:  Reflection Ridge Chiropractic provides a free lunch and a talk by Dr.
    Armstrong on popular health care topics, such as “How to Stay Young the First 100 Years.” We’ll even provide free electronic spinal screenings to monitor your staff’s risk for developing potential problems.  Awareness and prevention are key factors in keeping your staff healthy!

“I want to thank Dr. Armstrong and his staff for visiting High Touch and conducting a lunch-n-learn for our employees about enjoying the next 100 years and the importance of taking care of our backs.  Dr. Armstrong is very knowledgeable and personable and was an immediate hit with the attendees.  He and his staff also conducted neck scans and spent a couple of minutes reviewing their individual results.  I had lots of great positive feedback and we look forward to having Dr. Armstrong and his staff back again.”

Kathy, Human Resource Department
High Touch, Inc.


  •  Company Health Fairs:  Does your company sponsor an annual health fair for your employees?  If so, we’ll be happy to offer our services at your next event!


If you want to take advantage of one of
these free services, please call our office to schedule a time.